Big data: technology for the future

As relational databases became more prevalent, the analysis of large databases became a real challenge at the turn of the century. In 2013, the name ‘Big Data’ was adopted by the Oxford Dictionary. What is Big Data? Big data is typically data sets that are very large and complex. They are therefore complex to process … Read more

What is IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6)? Explained

Many teachers and students are increasingly finding that they need to be familiar with networking protocols. A basic understanding of uses, features, terminology and configurations is required. Due to the explosive expansion of the Internet, IPv4 is unable to handle demand. IPv6 is the next proposed standard for Internet communications. The differences with the other … Read more

What is Single Sign-On (SSO)? How it works

Single sign-on is an identification system that allows websites to use trusted sites for users to verify. This frees businesses from the obligation to keep passwords in their databases. It also reduces login troubleshooting. In addition, it minimizes the potential hack damage. The SSO system works like an ID card. If you are pulled for … Read more

What is a WAN (Wide Area Network)? Explained

Wide Area Network or WAN is a private telecommunication network that is geographically distributed. WANs typically connect multiple local area networks (LANs). What is a LAN? LAN includes a collection of interconnected network devices and computers. They are typically within geographical distances compared to WANs. Both WAN and LAN are used by organizations or businesses. … Read more